Here is a provisional list of the running order for the day...

(This will be amended & updated closer to the event)

11:00 Gates Open
12:00 Opening Ceremony
12:15 Field Events begin and continue throughout the day
12:30 Children’s Busking at stall area starts
12:40 Display event to be finalised
13:45 Piping & Drumming Competition
13:45 Display event to be finalised
14:00 Rising Stars Performance
14:30 Gordonstoun School Big Band
14:50 Display event to be finalised
15:00 Raffle Ticket Sales End
15:10 Highland Dancing Display
15:30 Raffle Ticket Draw
16:15 Eightsome Reel Competition
16:30 Final March past
16:40 Presentation of Awards and Closing Ceremony
17:00 Games Close